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erroneum It's so hard to choose just one favorite track; I find Help Me On My Way, Two Headed Man, Too Tired To Cry, and Finding more than worth to the spot, but I can only choose one. Of particular note is the chorus in Finding; I enjoy the whole thing, but find something special in the way "finding" is pronounced the first time the in the third chorus. I also find the two brass prelude soothing and beautiful. Favorite track: Help Me On My Way.
The Wolfemann
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The Wolfemann Probably the most thoughtful and meditative of the band's albums, I love every minute of it. Favorite track: Two Headed Man.
Joahns Delakore
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Joahns Delakore Until I hear the rest, this is my favorite due to lyrical emotion and instrumentation. That, and always loved listen to operatic music (Opening/Closing). Favorite track: Help Me On My Way.
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For the last 4 years, the group has been recording, writing, improving, and growing as musicians. Waiting is the band's 5th effort, and this time, we think we got it right. The album has more pain, laughter, introspection, and light than we thought we could ever pour out, and now we want to share it with you.

"Waiting" is Look Left's try at a cohesive package. Tracks 4 through 14, the meat of the album, tell a story very dear to Jared's heart. It's been a hard couple of years, and this is what came out of it. Never thought we'd make it to 5.

Look Left records everything themselves, on equipment they bought. Entirely DIY, they have no support from any label, company, or benefactor. Want to take a listen?


released July 4, 2013

All music was written, performed, produced, and engineered by Jared Clark,
with the following exceptions:
Vocals and writing on 13, arrangement on 10, and lyrics on 11 by Matt Royek.
Bass on 3, 7, 9, 12, 14, and 15, by Derek Wilber
Track 15 co-written by Wilber and Clark.
Horns provided by Waiting Brass (Trombone: David Whitford and Jared Clark, Euphonium: Mere Pouewells and Anthony Achille, Tuba: Matthew Royek)

Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios in Pittsburgh, PA
Disc art by:
Album Design by Teh Fuzz; Lettering by TJ Walston
Special thanks to: Derek, for letting us use his camera for the photos; Kitt3ns, for his continued support of kittens and puppies everywhere; Andrew Cotts, for being a massive part of our live shows. Even though you've moved away, sharing a stage with you is always a pleasure. I'm lucky to be able to play with a talent like yours.; Matt Royek, for his lyrics, emotional support throughout our college times together. You're a true friend and an integral part to our shows; and You, for supporting us by picking up this album.

Dedicated to Zed. Couldn't have done this without your continued love and support, no matter how little I deserve it.


all rights reserved



Look Left Phoenix, Arizona

Look Left was formed in 2008 when Jared Clark (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar) decided he wanted to be a rock musician. He went out into the harrowing Northwestern Pennsylvania tundra, bought a microphone and started recording. He was joined by Derek Wilber (Bass), Andrew Cotts (Guitar/Backing Vocals), and Matt Royek (Cajon/Percussion/Oddjobs).

LATER after graduating the college, Jared continues alone.
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Track Name: Charity Auction Ninja
Come on, did you hear me,
I’ll give 20 dollars more to help them
little cats and dogs that have been
shut out in the cold
Hey mister (mister) Mister auctioneer
I raise my hand
So if you need those bids believe me
I’m your man

He walks with an air like he’s not in the room
His eyes bright behind thin rimmed glasses
A smile to disarm his potential opponents in the game
With a flick of an ear he can hear any schemes
you may have if your hand would appear
is it your turn to share his might, in the figurative spot light
Though you might want to ask him why,
he’s got bigger things to buy.


Is it personal greed or a need to be the
last voice heard in a room full of rookies
his name is known by all the go-fers,
look, he’s droppin’ two hundred on some knitted loafers
sometimes he’ll wait in the dark off the grid
until he jumps and doubles the highest bid.
Going once, going twice, 3, 4 times sold,
to the man in the striped lab coat
we all know this cat’s got claws
and hey it all goes to a good cause.


And with all of his charity auction prowess,
you’d think that he’d pick up lots of enemies but no,
he’s pretty much universally well-liked by
everyone that’s met him
Cause he never writes IOU’s or bounces checks,
you can bet, when his
hand is in the air, you had best not even dare

Chorus, repeat and fade
Track Name: The Pots And Pans Song
Add one pound to the list of things that I won’t do
Cook it for an hour and tell it it’s in love with you
Butter up that skillet, turn around and fill it with the
ice, to numb, the way that you have flambe’d me honey

Lock the doors, close the blinds, and take the batteries
out of that smoke detector, yeah
Go ahead and add a pinch of lust, oh no, I think the cap is
broken, oh well, the book said add to taste and this recipe
has gotten me feelin rather creative
if ya know what I’m sayin hahaha

La La La La La
Lovely pots and pans

Why don’t you throw that turkey bacon, right out the window
I don’t want no, light mayo, gimme the good stuff, I’m prepared
You know that I can take it, and we could fry or bake it
wrap it up, and keep, it in the freezer till we need it baby

Won’t you be my kitchen aid, can you mix it up and
all of those other functions, yeah
well, put your apron on and measure me a heaping cup of
sugar, you know that sweetness has effects on me that turns me
into well, ya know just a sweeter kind of guy in general hahaha
Here we go

La La La La La
Lovely pots and pans

Listen now ya talkin’ to the master chef
if you think cookin’ is a game well baby I’m the ref
so, grab a beater, it’s nice to meet ya
I’ll let ya taste the batter if you, can complete her
I got the ingredients, for your experience
talk your talk, I walk, cause this is serious
you can keep actin’ like you know me, man.
I’ma keep playin’ these pots and pans!

Keep playin, keep, keep playin, I’ma keep playin’ these pots and pans
Keep playin, I’ma keep playin, I’ma keep playin’ these pots and pans
Track Name: Two Headed Man
One pair of hands, one set of shoulders
a dandy deuce of matching thumbs
he sports a ten pack of perfect fingers
a shiny nail on every one
a forking spine, cleft at the neck
should that be plural? well I see
a set of chins and matching noses
two sets of eyes look back at me

Everywhere he goes you hear dishes crash
and bumpers smashing, people gasping,
what the hey is it just me or is that a

Woah, two headed man, living with himself and him
usin’ double the shampoo
needs four goggles at the pool
internet says it’s a scam, two headed man

Two headed man bought himself a neck tie
went down to the city to find a job
The cafe’s and the restaurants wouldn’t have him
Doors were locked before he could turn the knob
he wandered the busy streets for hours
until somebody pulled up in a van
they said hey man, we need a roadie
and you look like a guy who could use a hand

Then he spent a year, tuning things and hauling gear
until someone stopped to hear him sing
bass and tenor at the same time because he’s a

Chorus II:
Woah, two headed man, singing background vocals with the band
wish he had another hand
always using two mic stands
can’t get more attention than two headed man

Does he have two hearts, does he have two souls
can he control both brains, does he have two life goals
and if you dated one head, would the other miss you
if one had a cold sore, would the other kiss
or would that be cheating, would the love be fleeting
or would you stay and know you’ll make it through being
two for one and one with two?

Woah, two headed man, living with himself and him
Woah, two headed man, on the evening news again

Woah, two headed man, a miracle where he stands
hard to sneak up on a guy
who is a literal four eyes
can you tell that I’m a fan
got his faces on a stamp
he’s a big star in Japan
Two headed man
Track Name: Searching (Brass Prelude 1)
No lyrics. It's a brass band. Like it?
Track Name: Waiting
Waiting for busses, waiting for planes
Waiting for doctors to patch up your pains
Waiting for lovers, waiting for peace
Waiting for waiters and lazy police.

Waiting for court dates, waiting for checks.
Waiting to see if your name is called next.
Waiting for movies, waiting for friends
Wait for beginnings while hoping for ends.

And through all this waiting we don't stop to see if the
reason we're stalling is reason to be
All the things in our minds we're wanting to be...

But make sure you're in a right line.
And some day if we wait we'll be fine.

Theorize and justify reward must be greater,
for giving up what you are sure you need,
in exchange for something more later.

Feel it ache.
Feel it sting.
Put down your anger as selfishness
and find a new reason to sing.
When it's cold.
When it's late.
What can be earned without needing to bleed?
It's worth it so you have to wait.

Stop with the guessing, don't look at the clock.
The hours are laughing, the months only mock.
Waiting forever is only a crime if
You find that waiting is wasting your time.
Track Name: Help Me On My Way
Gimme the greenbacks and I’ll write the world
The rest can save themselves
We’re out of lifeboats don’t you see
The pen to paper is an old battle cry
the rest can lift their swords
Gimme the tools and I’ll unhinge myself to fly
but I fall

I fall patiently reaching for the
promises of greatness but tell me
does that make me a fool
for sitting quietly after I’ve been burned

The lights go down upon another day
of walking in my sleep
spinin’ my wheels at the plate
the lights go down and as I’m waiting here
I pray my mind to keep
Only got so many years to stay
help me on my way

Gimme the green light and I’ll wreck the world
I see no better end
I’d rather light the fuse myself
how do the lazy take up arms so fast
your head would spin around
beggin the wrong ones all to stay under their shoes
they have it all

I fall patiently, wondering if
I could do it better, would I see the light
or would I still be dying
thinking silently of what I had done wrong


Who am I trying to make happy here? I think about myself
Is this a task I can complete...

I fall patiently, pondering the
consequence of madness, is it a cause
or an effect of trying,
working faithfully, to be exactly who you are
Chorus x2
Track Name: To Be Lost At Sea
Lift your swords and find a heart to run it through
The blade is cold. It needs a pulse to silence
We have won, but now the dead are left to you
to bury deep. The hallowed ground inside us.
It is here.
When I open up my mouth to try and let the creature out
I am alone.

Give in one time, give in one time, forever.
Ah, to be lost at sea.
To put down the lights on autumn nights,
To wish upon a winter star
to know inside that you’re alive and that your freedom’s real
and you’re alone.

Hate is too strong an emotion to feel for a
person who’s given you reason to steal and to
lie and to cheat and to beg at the feet of a...

Lift your swords, it is late I have to go.
Send me home with their sharp procession.
Whisper soft, not to startle me as I
am drained of that which trapped me on this island.
See it pool.
When this hard uncaring lump finds there’s nothing left to pump
I’ll be alone.
Track Name: Steel Machines
Got a steel machine runnin with a man in hand
wheels turn faster than his head can stand
got that rare elixer, got that devil’s eye
drowning ears never heard the other cry,
too old to live and too young to die
too old to live and too young to die

Oh oh oh oh
You never can give it all
Oh oh oh oh
The steel machines are there to break your fall

Got a steel machine runnin, gonna bear the wait
hours no faster when the pain is great
Can’t leave unless you play the game
clip the fuse and hold back the rain
but the message always reads the same
but the message always reads the same


(Solo break)

Been 21 days since I saw the man.
cut him wide open, have to dig again
seeing what he took, and what the other gave
still proud to call himself a slave
you don’t get to buy yourself a grave
you don’t get to buy yourself a grave

Chorus x2

Rhythmic outro:
hold me darlin’, hold me tight. Tell me everything will be alright. (repeated endlessly)
Track Name: Too Tired To Cry
Too tired to cry, too wired to sleep
And yet it is you I desire
From billowing clouds to oceans too deep
Set sail while my world is on fire

Thorns in my side, and yet I'm awake
Maybe I'm willing, or maybe I'm blind
This sensation is something I cannot take
But the pathway to my home, I can not find
Kinder words, echoing praise


Waiting for summers turned winters again
Maybe it's time that I am alone
And yet in these changes I've lost all my friends
But I know it will be fine when I am home
On linen sheets, safe and sound


Skies of blue and fields of green
While tufts of down skated your cheeks
Seasons change, but I know we'll be alright
I'll wait, I'll wait for you tonight

Track Name: Searching
I know I’ve seen this place before
the rocks beneath my soles feel safe
the sky is clear the sun is warm
but something else feels out of place
maybe too may box cars on the track
maybe too many houses on the street
but you know you’ve gotta keep ‘em comin’ back
gotta keep ‘em beggin for mercy

What we find in searching
may be what the enemy has planted
but if patience pays we
might not find ourselves alone at night

Running won’t bring back my feet
sleeping won’t bring back my dreams
waiting only gets me as far as tomorrow
as many times as I can stand
you never grasp unless you reach
you never find until you seek
try me once again
let’s see how strong I am


Baptize me with rocks and stones
hurt me any way you can
tell me that I am alone
tell me he’s a broken man

But I’m not ready; not enough for you

I know there’s only one way out of this town
and if I’m gonna drop, stop the clock
I’m down for the count
[guitar solo]
Track Name: Finding
So, now I can see, that in finding you somehow
you’ve been my only hope, my only thought, my peace
and now that you’re with me, instead of finding it right now
together we will wait, till I can get some sleep

Every rock I’ve overturned
Stuck my head in every door
Pull the curtains, hit the lights
I don’t want to see the lack of any
forward progress

But I can tell that I get closer each day
another lead, another hint that pulls me,
to another place and I
feel the light behind my head as I
jump into the dark, but there it is
I swear it, there it is.


Let’s ignore the task itself
focus just on what we want
tunnel vision and no map
if we trip on it we might not know
what’s hit our feet before

Another time I would have said that I had all I wanted
I was an island to myself
If I could choose myself again I don’t know how I’d stand me
I’d pass me off to someone else


Track Name: At Long Last
The bright and shining glory
The tale of golden thread
Run until your footsteps match the
music that you’re fed
The pieces in your story
make up what’s in your head
When I see you through the smoke rings
can’t remember what you said

But at long last I had you
But at long last I had

Now we see it melting
the crystals pink and blue
See it spin, the ribbons fly,
entangled, me and you
And while the strands are lifting
I think of what we do
to keep the years from slipping past
and biting what you chew


And the way that I feel and the way that you kill me
Every time you take my breath away
And the way that I can’t see straight when we’re apart
And the way that you show me things that I never
knew I could know about myself
just bring your arms into mine and steal my heart

Feeling this connection
much bigger than we are
Let it fill us both so we can see it’s
really not that far
And when you got inside my head
I think of all the poets that I haven’t read
And how they must have thought
of you somehow

But at long last I had you
But at long last I had

Bridge + Chorus, repeat and fade