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Bite The Green Apple

by Look Left

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Have you ever wondered how you got here. The corners turned and the bridges burned That resulted in yourself Not too long ago I was the master of my domain But then things don’t always fall into place the way that you had planned Chorus: But then I fell in love It was an altered state of paradise I’m always one step too far, behind the game the one cleaning up But then I fell in love And now I cannot bear to move my eyes I was redefining how my heart should beat But then I fell in love It was about a year before “The last one” Rumors fly there was a voice from the sky But who listened, And when the witch hunters gathered for a seance There I was proclaiming the end of an age that We had worked so hard to escape In the middle of the ocean I was stranded I screamed and I cried until my breath was denied By the crashing waves And as I sank to the bottom I saw that I was rocking the boat so I crossed my arms and waited quietly As I fell to my watery hell
I try to think of where I’d be Deprived of a presence so strong If you had never written for me How would I have known what was wrong, and gone in my life It can’t be Don’t leave me alone If I had know what was missing, well I wouldn’t have taken so long! Chorus: You make me nothing but better You do me nothing but good I won’t see love as a fetter, no matter where I am how near how far You me be a better man Some would say that you are bad for me Too rough, too dangerous to keep To see your kindness and gentility, is my Happiness, my joy and everything, that’s good in my life I don’t get it What must be wrong with me? If you’re so vicious How can you make my heart leap? Chorus I am, who I am, what I am, where I am, because of you I have, who I have, what I have, can I have another piece of you? Chorus
Riddance 03:19
Free me from the bonds of your allure You've got me hooked, and I want more With those eyes, those curves sublime You've got the charm, I want you mine Chorus I can't get rid of you, let me be I want all of you, and none of me Losing myself and finding you Can not make sense of what to do I'm drawn to you, I can't let go I watch your dress ebb and flow What's underneath, I long to find Still I cannot free my mind Chorus Every word I speak, is one more sin Breaking down the thoughts I had within I'm letting go of what once was Your evil charms have won your cause Chorus Riddance to you, devil girl You've taken my precious world Turned upside down, and turned around I'm lost inside, inside your eyes Inside your eyes
Oh where, oh were can I find that promised land In the sky or the bible in my hand Awake, awake my soul to sing for thee My voice will guide you home shatter thine eyes and take ye rest but I can’t slow down there’s work need done who’s damned as now may later be blessed as long ‘s god wills it amen Chorus To love thy brother is his command but I can’t slow down there’s work that needs done and don’t hate what you don’t understand as long ‘s god wills it amen Chorus well there ain’ no time for fightin’ an’ death but I can’t slow down there’s work need done make the love you can before your last breath as long ‘s god wills it amen Chorus
Maybe 04:22
And maybe when you see me you’ll run And maybe when kiss me you’ll cry And maybe when you hear me you’ll turn unchanged by love, oh you don’t have to live again The things you made me put you through Questions asked by people who never even Bothered to turn the page I hope that ring burns holes in you Why don’t I believe them when they say it’s Never too late say something, know nothing x2 Chorus Scars that won’t show on my face cut the flesh, strip the bark, trim the Veins down baby it’s an open work site It’s said that there is music to be found in every tragedy, but I can’t hear Anything Over the sound of my heart pounding in my ears say something, know nothing x2 Chorus I will never fall come and get another drop, take another pound to rot and bleed I will never fall if ya want another shot, then don’t stop, come at me you want it, you want it, you want it, you want it take it out. Take my heart but not my pride. Chorus x2 No you don’t have to live again x4 Last one, “we don’t have to live again”
Hurt 04:20
Clocks tick, ringing in my head another hour slips past, wasted in bed. Here Where the bells chime louder since the day That I met you. Waiter please another silent drink, some more lack of eye contact patience shrinks with every neglected turn of cheek and I pray that it gets better next week Extend my hand, want you to want it, need it Hopes like sand, draining but you’re too busy building pity reasons why you’ll never try, so Now I know what it means to hurt I can’t land on my feet As you’ve swept them away You cut me at the knees Now I know what it’s like to fall To stage a quick retreat Unwillingly alone Can’t laugh yourself to sleep You could say I’ve Had enough, I’m sad enough, it’s bad enough that you can’t even talk to me we can’t go on with suspicious minds, I can only be forgiven so many times before I, Turn to crime I think I’ve done my time Another bottle to down, another night I cry. Is it too cliche to say that the Loneliness is killing me inside Extend my hand, want you to want it, need it Hopes like sand, draining but you’re too busy building pity reasons why you’ll never try, so Chorus If I could see, in hindsight there wasn’t that much wrong with me It hurts too bad, how can you say I feel nothing If this is nothing, give me peace Ohs! (there wasn’t that much wrong with me) Extend my hand want you to want it, need it X4 (From the outside to the inside I’m cold)
Mine 02:53
I had another inner vision of where I am and which pills to take goin’ through the most trivial of information where do I live, what is my name? Chorus: I had the time, they had the place Don’t tell me I don’t know what is real eclipsing, reason and space, I will take this pain and I will make it mine try to put the words into my feelings like scoopin a well with a plastic spoon I could be the one to answer all your questions or at least have the might, to take the weight off of your mind, help me hurt like you, I’m still walking fall, staggerin’ down another staircase, I want it hopeless clinging to an idea, you give me everything, everything, yeah everything you can, I only wanna, thank you, for givin’ me a chance
Frank Jaggerty was, a man who knew no trouble no strife had he befallen by riches kin to gods he bought everything that he could see with a with a ho and a hey and an out of my way He dashed along the farthest reaches of the plains. Aye, the father and the mother Nearly fit to drown in Gin Another one fails to quell their sorrow Another sleepless night and a pale sunrise set to begin. My Lands, My farms All swept away without a cause It’s hard to mourn the loss of life, When you have no house to give your wife. Frank Jaggerty came, a riddin’ from the billowing west so fine with leather black boots and a chain of gold and a saddle bag filled with handsome wine With a ho and a hey and an out of my way He dashed along the farthest reaches of the plains. Chorus Frank Jaggerty said, “I’ve come to take what’s yours and rightfully.” A thousand dollars for your lot Refuse and I’ll give your landlord three with a with a ho and a hey and an out of my way He bought and sold what little there was to me name Chorus Frank Jaggerty laughed, liquor spilling Down his chin so red he staggered out blindly to the street where a Run away trolly took off his head with a with a ho and a hey and an out of my way He’s dashed along the sidewalks and the alley street Chorus
Down 02:35
Become Become undone Reset the world and try to make it what you want When you come down, when you come down, when you come re-write your situation Chorus: Who has the right to try and tell you what is better To each his own but what if they can not consent Your right to life my right to live I’m comin’ down Become Become your opinion Expect the same if you think you know what is wrong When you come down, when you come down, when you come Bring your best explanation Chorus Solo Around here you have the choice to speak in the crowd or get drowned out by the noise Comin’ down it is your flag to hoist you alone, you alone, it’s your decision alone Chorus
Gloria 05:47
Gathered, sorted and dispersed Lined up in rows to see. Hushed in our conversation What cause have we to rejoice asks one man. I say look at your hands your feet and feel your heart What other reason do we need. Chorus: The pipes shine, like liquid metal Falling from the invisible, infinite well above the alter that soaks up all of their offerings Their sacrament, meaning much more than words. Stops out, the very air exalted by the ringing golden machine as it sings it’s praises to the world to the clouds the sun and me. And to you hear it say Christine, Gloria. A great throne before us, or rather the center of some great nervous system. An endless field of controls. Tell me where was the one that turned on the color Where is the lever to mystify and hypnotize away All our ever lasting fears and where, was the stop, that filled me up with warmth Chorus did you have the time did you have the strength The will or the patience to make a little light in this dark world. A light that shines so much brighter Than any lamp. No, no I’ll never go back, I gotta get up, get up, get up, get, get out of this kind of mind that said to never believe, never give in, And never surrender yourself, unto the magic again, unto the magic again, unto the magic again. Chorus
I could never find a pill box big enough to hold the cancer in my pen you’ll have to take it twice a day he’ll present a glass of water, bottoms up find the product as the cells still multiply- from end to end they’re growin’ still when the plaintiff raises her glass to the melting, wax encrusted lava lamp please not to heat that on the stove as the jury argues further between suicide and murder cause the later it takes two, so hold my hand I’m just waiting to die we’re all waiting to die in between cotton filler that we use to stuff our lives we’re just waiting to die we’re all waiting to die so make some more excuses keep it grounded, never try can you hear the pitter patter of the dream-eaters attacking once again who left the lights on in the hall? it wasn’t his decision, this is not the thing he wanted had the poison done it’s job we’d both be skippin’ stones in Beirut now the crowd has an addiction, where had Jane left all her needles in the drawer and put her menthols in my hand when the drugs, they taste like candy and your dog is sippin’ brandy, then Beethoven best roll over one more time. Chorus Let it see let it see Let us see let us see I don’t buy your words of wisdom So let us see, let us see Let us see, let us see Let us see, let us see I’ll write my own damn answer just let us see
Oh Dear 03:57
Sublimity has a time and a place Total bliss has a name and a face with a smile to knock you down You make the sun shine, as it winds My heart flutters and sputters, and my tongue binds [Chorus] So here's my song to you, oh dear The song I write so you can hear every single little bit of Those words too great for me to say how I love you more each and every day Total loss of control is near I can feel my knees buckle and tremble, soon I fear I’ll lose myself in you. I can stand no more, I raise my voice Through love's joy and providence, I've got no choice [Chorus] [Bridge] Shout, scream, I'll yell it to the sky About how you're the one in my eye Close to breaking, my voice is tight As words of beauty take restless flight [Chorus]
You Bored? 02:27
Yeah when I was I kid I thought it might be cool To write a melody that made all the girlies drool Something like a Hey Jude or a sloopy hang on, or anything that ever crossed the mind of Elton John But I would, sit there in front of the keys thinkin’ What should I do? Get down on my knees Should I just roll the dice for a song like DnDs But jeeze! The notes are like a breeze blowin’ in the trees No I can’t do that (back ground singers) These things are more than chance To tell a story you need more than fights and romance No you can’t do that (Bg again) If I got somethin’ to say then I’ll need three things lyrics backing and melody. Are you Bored yet? Are you Bored yet? Have we toured yet? Are you Bored yet? Now I got a guitar and a dozen songs or more the four chords, say it with me now, one five six and four that we’ve been screaming to for fifty years They draw crowds to fill stadiums and even draw tears Gimme a gaga ooh la la to shove in your wallet you’ll be throwin’ cash in a flash right out of your pocket your sockets, are weepin’; cryin’ for a turn at the docket you all set the bar lower and it’s too late to stop it. No I can’t do that How can I blame the masses Tricked by all the labels who handed out rose glasses No I can’t do that We put up with the contrite As it keeps repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating aw Chorus Bridge me up Scottie Ahhs and oohs
Me Tonight 06:00
It was a thursday, or a Wednesday maybe I had just got back from work Body aching, dragging feet towards my sink Give the faucet knob a jerk Blending senses, sight and sound no longer two Water wets my face with white my own foot steps splash the walls with gentle blue Hit the mattress, black the light the box around me disappears evil confines that seem unnecessary, worthless and contrived whirling round I feel nothing but you won’t you come and find me tonight paint chips scattered spreading from the broken square blackness pressed against my eyes everywhere I look expect to find you there still here waiting, dripping dry.


Look Left's 4th album features the band's creativity at it's best. With shimering harmonies, grooving guitars and catchy hooks, it's the best music you've never heard. Click Play.


released August 17, 2012

Jared Clark - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drum Programing
Derek Wilber - Bass Guitar
Andrew Cotts - Electric Guitar

Bite The Green Apple was recorded in the bedroom of Jared Clark between the summer of 2011 and the spring of 2012. It was produced, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Clark. A year's worth of joy, anger, frustration, longing, and hope has been poured into this disc and given rise to our 4th album. We hope it will mean as much to you as it does to us.

All music and lyrics by Jared Clark, with the following exceptions.

Lyrics on 3 and 12 by Matt Royek
Violin on 12 by Alex Reilly

Special thanks:
To Matt Royek for being a reliable percussionist and friend. The shows really wouldn't be the same without you and neither would the album without your pretty words. Thank you for letting us mash them up with our clangy noises.
To "DJ Snarl" for assistance with normalization.
Case and graphic design by Zed "Teh Fuzz" Crowe

Lyrics and more available at WWW.LOOKLEFT.US


all rights reserved



Look Left Phoenix, Arizona

Look Left was formed in 2008 when Jared Clark (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar) decided he wanted to be a rock musician. He went out into the harrowing Northwestern Pennsylvania tundra, bought a microphone and started recording. He was joined by Derek Wilber (Bass), Andrew Cotts (Guitar/Backing Vocals), and Matt Royek (Cajon/Percussion/Oddjobs).

LATER after graduating the college, Jared continues alone.
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