First Four

by Look Left

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If you've seen Jared (Pepper) at a show and talked to him about the CDs he's selling, you've probably heard him say "oh, the first four are really bad. You should get THIS one instead." He genuinely believes that, but hey, your favorite song might be on one of those first four! Here's what he decided to do. He took a vote, and chose the 3 most popular songs on each of the first four Look Left albums. He took those songs and completely re-recorded them from the ground up.

These are the same songs you heard on the older albums, but with 5 years recording experience put behind them. They're better recorded, better performed, and better arranged. Take a listen and see what you think.


released July 9, 2015

All music performed by Jared Clark

Includes art by
Cheyenne "Toots" Atkins
Kevin Chaloux
The photo was taken at Sears.

Cover design by Cosmo. @mtsheppy


all rights reserved



Look Left Phoenix, Arizona

Look Left was formed in 2008 when Jared Clark (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar) decided he wanted to be a rock musician. He went out into the harrowing Northwestern Pennsylvania tundra, bought a microphone and started recording. He was joined by Derek Wilber (Bass), Andrew Cotts (Guitar/Backing Vocals), and Matt Royek (Cajon/Percussion/Oddjobs).

LATER after graduating the college, Jared continues alone.
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Track Name: The 4th Step
Coyote came to earth as a clean-up man
fix the mess and get the world redressed
that was the only plan

But not alone, no, he was given a brother
The fox was made, give coyote the aid
These instructions spoken to the other

Step four times if you find me dead,
Step four times I come back again
step over me

Then, one day coyote, was struck with an arrow
there was blood on his chest and fox, he knew from the mess
this would surely be a fatal blow

Kneeling, weeping, by his brother, stone dead
Not even a fight, this fallen Desert Knight,
but fox remembered the words he said

Never will pay for my fiery theft
come back even if one hair is left
Never will pay for my fiery theft
come back even if one hair is left

Eventually fox grew old and tired
couldn’t keep up with coyote
having never been rewired

He fell to the earth, never to take that step again
glancing behind, coyote turned to find
his brother was forever dead.

He started to step, step, step
over and over just step, step
How many steps to bring you back to me
Oh don’t you leave me now!
oh, no, I don’t want it to end
no, not yet.
Track Name: Look Away
Look away please hide your eyes
you know my vision’s based on size
god has made my bed for me
we’ll hide away where none will see

Forever and a day
as many miles to walk away
where happiness begins
don’t know where I parked my car again

so just pack up and leave
I’ve still got other souls to reave
Never wonder never why
another half a mile to buy

Never one to fall from grace
never one to fall
if I landed on my face
would you recognize me at all

See us melting into blue
I could never get that far from you
still ignoring all the hype
don’t you know that I’m too sick to type
Track Name: Jambalaya
No, can't you hear them say
no, can't you hear them say
no, can't you hear them say
Jambalaya, Jambalaya

break it on down to the left street
baking no meat, only 8 feet, laugh it up

make a wrong sound to the high hopes
trollin' wrong dopes, tying no ropes, look around

now unfurled, lead it by
now unfurled, lead it by

hobbling, (can't complete the rhythm)
crawling, (can't complete the rhythm)

what, who, where, why?

who can have all when they want some
then the dogs come, eat the stale crumb, next in line

feel it all dumb in a fake rub
it's a take hub, if ya get snubbed, step in time
Track Name: District Line
Veins take on the prism
Of hearts' electric roar
Three years gone I still don't know
What I was searching for

Cross the map
Mind the gap
May I have your seat?
My heart is weak!

Calling here, cross the years
Does your heart still beat with mine?
Will you meet me there someday
At the end of the district line

Looking back, fade to black
From a memory sublime
Hope your travel card is good
To the end of the district line

London bridge has fallen
Kentish Town's too far
Waterloo's defeated me
In Richmond shines the star

Through the dark
To the park
There's a vulpine mien
in the sylvan scene
Track Name: This Suit
has anyone got the time to sit and fret about the
way snow cones don’t really work no?
the syrup always ends up in the bottom of the cup
clock men runnin’ to and fro takin’
just enough time to yell at you from their open car window
ya know it isn’t the first time

Find the help you need
take the help you seek

And with this suit I can fly higher than the
people downtown try to keep my on the ground
can’t the keep pace man? I’m pullin’ away
And with this suit who could dream bigger gotta
grab it with both hands, pick my own winner
no perception’s gonna get me down

harvard ain’t got no business like the busy-ness of
one pale life wind sprinting to the next strife
take a ticket and wait in line for the pain
he calls like this and she calls like that when you
wake up in the morning reachin’ for the sun
oh no he don’t like that
pebbles in their place
Track Name: Again
I think this way again
A friend, he quotes a song
so I listen,
Trying to relate,
But the notes just drift on by
As the music rattles on

It's all about some guy you see,
Who grew up too damn fast.
He lived his youth to its fullest,
But the time,
The time just didn't last.

I feel this way again
A friend he names a book,
So I read it,
Trying to relate
But the words just drift on by
And the book seems way too real.

It's all about some guy you see,
Who outgrew his old town.
I'd like to think he loved them all,
But the place,
The place just got him down.

I see your face again
A friend says call you over
So I call you,
Hoping you'll relate
But my voice just drifts on by
Cause your music's on too loud.

Even if you don't understand,
I hope you'll still be there.
Don't sit back and apologize,
Just show,
Just show me that you care.
Track Name: Breathe In
Breathe in, fade away
breathe in, feel decay

all I know is dead and gone
we left back at golden pond
and though you were cold as ice
the flowers on your grave looked nice

reach up and pull the cord
relax and grind your sword
If I don’t seek reward
What’s it we’re moving toward

Breathe in, fade away
breathe in, feel decay

I look back you drift along
Reading write compose the song
Feel it right where short is long
Hear it now and then it’s gone

reach up and pull the cord
relax and grind your sword
If I don’t seek reward
What’s it we’re moving toward
Track Name: Goin To Maine
woke up at 4
callin’ my dad to see if he can drop me off at the airport
my cary-on bag, has enough clothes
to last me
I got it all set up
face book status updated so my page won’t be berated with the
hey where are you?
don’t ignore me

I’ll tell ‘em that, I’m gonna be in Portland
I hope they can keep, their Jealousy under wraps

the doors draw back by themselves and I awaken
hear the wind blowin’ in my ears
though the seat next to me may contain something contagious
an itch can’t pull the smile out of me
now the seat belt light is on if you can make it to the
bathroom it’s already to late
so, put your head phones on and when you open your
eyes you’ll be in Maine

I step out into the conditioned air of the glorious
Portland international Jetport,
yes, all 7 gates of it
woah! all the lights the blurry sights
you know those sights seen so unsightly
I’ll give it a day or two, see if the sun keeps this shade of grey

I hit the club, or should I say the Denny’s
Maybe I’ll go mess with Stephen King


snow hats, lobsters, pine trees, chowder
it’s so cold my breath is solid I made an igloo out of my dinner and
Track Name: Top
I’ve been down, at the bottom
so believe me I know, how you feel
and baby if you hadn’t let the sun, go down on me
then it wouldn’t be so lonely
at the top

when you said, that you didn’t love me
I thought I would never stand on these two feet again
if there were so many fish, left in the sea
then why would it be so lonely
at the top

you know what’s comin’ next

you keep pushin’ me down, underwater
and I can’t make gills, out of these dollar bills
and baby if there hadn’t been the time, if there hadn’t been a way
then I couldn’t stand here before you
I couldn’t get get on my knees here and say

there you go, now you have me
I’ve splattered my soul all over the page
I’m gonna take another swig, of this bottle for free
and I’ll pretend it ain’t so lonely
at the top
Track Name: Waiting To Die
I could never find a pill box big enough
to hold the cancer in my pen
you’ll have to take it twice a day

he’ll present a glass of water, bottoms up
find the product as the cells still multiply-
from end to end they’re growin’ still

when the plaintiff raises her glass to the
melting, wax encrusted lava lamp
please not to heat that on the stove

as the jury argues further between
suicide and murder cause the later
it takes two, so hold my hand

I’m just waiting to die
we’re all waiting to die
in between cotton filler that we
use to stuff our lives
we’re just waiting to die
we’re all waiting to die
so make some more excuses
keep it grounded, never try

can you hear the pitter patter of the
dream-eaters attacking once again
who left the lights on in the hall?

it wasn’t his decision, this is not the
thing he wanted had the poison done it’s job
we’d both be skippin’ stones in Beirut

now the crowd has an addiction, where had
Jane left all her needles in the drawer
and put her menthols in my hand

when the drugs, they taste like candy
and your dog is sippin’ brandy, then Beethoven
best roll over one more time.

Let it see let it see
Let us see let us see
I don’t buy your words of wisdom
So let us see, let us see
Let us see, let us see
Let us see, let us see
I’ll write my own damn answer
just let us see
Track Name: Riddance
Free me from the bonds of your allure
You've got me hooked, and I want more
With those eyes, those curves sublime
You've got the charm, I want you mine

I can't get rid of you, let me be
I want all of you, and none of me
Losing myself and finding you
Can not make sense of what to do

I'm drawn to you, I can't let go
I watch your dress ebb and flow
What's underneath, I long to find
Still I cannot free my mind

Every word I speak, is one more sin
Breaking down the thoughts I had within
I'm letting go of what once was
Your evil charms have won your cause

Riddance to you, devil girl
You've taken my precious world
Turned upside down, and turned around
I'm lost inside, inside your eyes
Inside your eyes
Track Name: Gloria
Gathered, sorted and dispersed
Lined up in rows to see. Hushed in our conversation
What cause have we to rejoice asks one man.
I say look at your hands your feet and feel your heart
What other reason do we need.

The pipes shine, like liquid metal
Falling from the invisible, infinite well above
the alter that soaks up all of their offerings
Their sacrament, meaning much more than words.
Stops out, the very air exalted
by the ringing golden machine
as it sings it’s praises to the world
to the clouds the sun and me.
And to you hear it say Christine, Gloria.

A great throne before us, or rather the center
of some great nervous system.
An endless field of controls.
Tell me where was the one that turned on the color
Where is the lever to mystify and hypnotize away
All our ever lasting fears and where,
was the stop, that filled me up with warmth

did you have the time did you have the strength
The will or the patience to make a little light in this
dark world. A light that shines so much brighter
Than any lamp.
No, no I’ll never go back, I gotta
get up, get up, get up, get, get out of this
kind of mind that said to never believe, never give in,
And never surrender yourself, unto the magic again,
unto the magic again, unto the magic again.