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by Look Left

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    In a wonderfully paper case. No plastic, so no cracking in transport.
    Comes complete with artbook by Scurrow.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Transition via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Here are the 2 full albums that I keep in print, along with the "First Four" collection that contains 3 completely re-recorded songs from each of the first four look left albums (The College Years, You Should Drink More, Master of Tiny Shoes, and Bite the Green Apple)

    If you haven't heard any look let, this is a great way to get all the good stuff. Would cost $30 separately.

    If you would like an album other than Transition as your download, just let me know and I'll make it happen. Bandcamp makes me choose one and only one.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Transition via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 30 days
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  • Digital Album
    Streaming + Download

    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    Download includes full album, digital lyric booklet with art by Scurrow (of internet fame), super special bonus tracks, and a hug.
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  • Full Digital Discography Full Digital Discography

    Get all 7 Look Left releases available on Bandcamp and save 25%.

    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of First Four, Transition, Waiting, Bite The Green Apple, Master of Tiny Shoes, You Should Drink More, and The College Years. , and , .

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Hello, come on in, I beg ya pardon but the roofers have made a just a bit of a mess nowhere to hide, come inside, come inside Please tell me what I know Please tell me where to go another piggy back, smack, attack, out back aw can’t ya shut up, shut up, shut up, I wanna hear it now Freak. Out. I. Can’t. Hear you Ah gimme that sound emotion Ah, gimme that gimme that.... sound emotion Woah, I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe but I just don’t get what that gettin’ gets me I pull in one, the transition comes and my mother covers her eyes in fear We pauses, in closets, just makin’ a fake and bake a flap, jack, hat-trick, make it all ourselves yeah Freak. Out. I. Can’t. Hear you Ah gimme that sound emotion Ah, gimme that gimme that.... sound emotion
Walking back from my place, she seemed happy. Nothing in the wind to keep me down! Got a package in the mail... Could it be my holy grail?
a poking implement to rule all the tools with inferior fuels

“What’s that you got there in your pocket?”
she asked as we walked into the mall. Eyes widen as I show the seventeen-inch dynamo that shouts out when I flip the switch and keeps growing and growing and growing I said, “Hey, why is everybody
runnin’ for their life?” It’s just my AA Battery Controlled Telescopic Knife 

My grandfather turns to me and says, “Let’s go down in metaphoric history.” because
I never had a grandfather.
But if I did, I’m sure that he’d be Proud of a loud-browed son-of-a-cow who can wield a blade the way I do Chorus Is there an issue bring weapons into this particular bank? I was escorted out and there’s only one thing to thank, and it’s my AA Battery Controlled Telescopic Knife There is an apple farmer lifting all the Pilgrims from their huts to find the weather only half as satisfying as before. And as an answer, he said,” Run to me, my daughters, have a crispish red delicious, the least truthful of the apples.” Say it again and come to me Say it again, I’m not myself
I’m not myself Chorus
Inspiration 03:35
Gimme some time to wait and see will I get back my once a week cause this nightly might be killin’ me but it feels good for now. Fallin’ blind into my bed nothin’ done and nothin’ lifted up above the rest but hey everyone is doin’ fine and when inspiration strikes, honey, let’s go to the bar. Don’t try and think about it waste time and live without it slow down, what do you see? Miles of empty paper someone will write it later You know what yer doin’ You can make it through an’ if you got a dollar left then you’re doin’ fine Inspiration does, inspiration doesn’t always say, the last thing in their physical, metaphysical inner eye Yeah Chorus
So many nights, I find myself staring at the stars in the sky They're daring me to move, right? Just daring me to move...right? Days go by, I find myself wandering in the moonlight It's giving me the eye, right? Just pushing me aside... You might never understand Why you have the time to spend chorus But when the day comes you'll be running again Chased down by the darkened lines of your shadow It's a life you could leave it behind But for now, you let it follow And with time, you'll feel a bit better; you'll be alright You'll forget about a past, right? Yeah, forget about the past...right? Hey you know, it's easier to let it go, right? It's only harder when you fight It gets darker every night You might never understand Why you have the time to spend Chorus
I am the one with the 21 under my thumb another battle till I come undone is it me, is it you, could I contain myself pullin’ it through, I roll the knife and I get a feel for simply twist to separate, as I squint to catch a glimpse of the emerald bliss I become a monster grab a spoon and only one more word to think about and here I go But oh, we got an evil attraction for you and oh, I didn’t mean to entice, but satisfaction is what we aim for and what do you know? ready to go for it under the guise of improving the texture with oil on my lips and a stain on her dress. eyes wide as I circle the outside carefully trace as I uncage the delicate flesh as I lean, bent over the counter, slave it all away making perfect sections oh, now I start to salivate, when I think to add a pinch of the crystalline clinch, I can feel the silk in between my teeth and if I can’t be reached don’t worry now, my pulse is slow
High School 03:45
I was a high school loser, never made it with a lady suckin’ on ya mom’s spaghetti, born ready, roll a chevy I’ll put the soup on and we’ll break the levy, another Seagertown pickup and we stagger, it’s heavy, Brotha Another word to put ya mind in, get up, put your time in a dozen to make you wanna rewind it No, not again, I don’t think I could take it the education, you’re not given it, you make it can be a prizon, back, ya listen, up, you had a bit of bitters, now ya quiters now ya, plucked The level of importance that we press upon the years between the age of walking in and walking out they tell us it’s the best time can it be the best time or did we all just waste time killing ourselves over things that do not matter How many kids you know that come undone ya thin it’s even started before yo hit 21? I know 30 year olds who are stuck in the 10th grade, just wanna shake em up, get in the truck, your bed is made, I gotta take myself back, cause I can’t remember who the prom king was, or yet, even better if a single bridge I had burned came back to hurt “permanent record” now that’s just absurd let go the chains, let go the self, that kept you always tryin’ to be someone else if there’s a better negator of why to buy and pay later it’s that the price of admission is to become a self-hater It gets better if you make it better
Sittin’ around, wanna figure it out, a way to justify my second chances Mind wanders far but it keeps landing on you who’s left to blame this time, was I a victim of my circumstances? No, I held the smoking gun but not the bullet that it threw Painted a picture, while I was trying to find another piece of gold I never figured out, that the villain was me and now you’re leaving I’m not giving up, I’m not giving in not letting the dark be the reason, I give myself for the kind of person, that I have been I can’t change for you, so I’ll change for me I’ll be alone, for now, for then Words fly like a burning knife into the person who’s my only anchor It wasn’t too much weight but rather the rigidness of my stubborn mind and I can’t stop thinking about it regret flows in too late to prevent the things that I said, the things that I meant at the time, but not once I played the tape back. Painted a picture, of what I had in my mind another hand to hold I didn’t like what I saw, who I turned out to be so now I’ll leave it.
Lighthouse 04:51
We all held candles the other day Let go of 50 balloons your mother said things that she wanted to say some people got choked up and everyone tried hard to age slowly, try again tomorrow and not let this happen again Though we can't understand it lest we ever forget, I will stand here, as a lighthouse carry on I wish I could see you another time I wish I could turn things around I wish that my sorrow could lead me to find another few hours, another few ways to try to age slowly, try again tomorrow and not let this happen again Chorus And we don’t have to wonder we know we all miss you the most we know we all miss you the most we know we all miss you the most I put on your sweatshirt the other day Because I was thinking of you tried to remember what my preacher told me about tryin’ to make every precious moment last and to age slowly, try again tomorrow and not let this happen again Chorus
I don’t know what some of these kids are really going for If the shoe fits, well put it on and give me something I can keep Radio chirps politely are there 2 or more Could you please be more specific when asking where to sleep Don’t drop your wallet out a window on a blood string If I count the hours in my head I come up with 21 It’s another words for “Scientist” And all I’m saying, all I’m trying to say is Chorus: If all roads lead west from here Shouldn’t we be flying? If all gods have made poor sinners What’s to keep from taking off? Let’s go From the earth, from the crowd, to the edge Let us fall You can go to the stage if people want you there Watch us ski without the snow, point your cameras at our feet Drop it low who put the yellow in the smoke machine You can dance with all the boys, look like machinery Pump a shotgun, hit the floor and get us screaming If I look like someone else tonight, that’s cause I’m walking in their skin We’re just tellin’ you, ya can’t stand there And all I’m saying, all I’m trying to say is Chorus Oh, give me something else to say I got it, you got it, here fallin in we start it All fall down if we’re in today Chorus
Delirious 04:14
Perpetrate, no one’s thinkin’ “Someone gimme an excuse to walk away tonight.” Hesitate, for a second, pick a person any person who can make you feel at home Should I write about your lips, your body or your hair oh keep it comin’ if you want to give it I begin to stare but you’re real cool so cool, real cool, yeah, but Chorus: I’m delirious, from followin’ you babe, around on the floor, and you’re delirious, if you think that I can wait anymore Syncopate, get me movin’ as I edge us towards the stairs don’t make me fight this time Concentrate, get me thinkin is this moment any moment when I’m standing next to you Can’t you hear my heartbeat pounding clearly through my chest if I could say it any clearer what I need is your caress but you’re real cool, so cool, real cool, yeah, but Chorus Tellin’ you, till the light of day baby you take my breath away Chorus
Tone Poem 03:24
Find me something better Find me something new or something old to be around Drop a needle, take me there write me up a letter put it into words and help me feel what’s coming down here’s the pen, I’m the paper but I have something better something else entirely that you might really wanna see If I like it that’s because I found it If I like it that’s because I found it many times my own size many times, many times. Find me something better Find me something new or something old to be around.
Hey there Mr. Ages there is something you should know if you plan to continue with your current course of action I mean hey. It’s really not my business but in times of trouble, I’ve been sometimes known to lend a hand and by the way It’s nice to meet you, Believe me I’m discreet you have nothing left to worry on that pretty big ‘ole head of that I’m sure. Close your eyes We really shouldn’t come here alone this time close your eyes a minute more and we will Finally arrive Close your eyes and push it all the way to the floor this time If we weren’t following these lines there wouldn’t be so far to drive, so keep ignoring all the signs and point us up towards the lights or to the green, feel my heard beat and the sun die. Now we’re flying through the air quite quickly and I for one am quite impressed that bridge was much higher than originally expected yeah I’d say we’ll probably make the border at around that 1800, that’s if we don’t stop for gas and no I don’t mean to rush you, inhibit, hold, or shush you but if we grab a drink then we’ll be runnin’ kinda late, of that I’m sure. Close your eyes we’ll surrender all the control this time Close your eyes a minute more and we will save somebody’s life Close your eyes let’s see how far we get it to roll this time Crank the wheel just past the light watch machine and flesh unite as we careen into the night and all our Fuel sets us in flight and we rise to our eternal home.
Get Up 03:53
Hit the clock, hit the floor, hit the maker hit me up, I’m on my feet Where’s the grounds, where’s the filters, wheres the sink Does this place have water? I need my nicotine The path is clear except for the outlook I’m primed to steer with nowhere to go Hit the breaks, pull the arm, crank the speakers roll the windows up lock the doors, lock your eyes, lock up when you get done gotta run, get done, I’ll pull the trigger Chorus: Get up. I won’t say it no more Make noise, make room, make really anything and if you can, stop making sense in your mind you’re asleep, and we all want relief but there’s no time here not feelin’ right, take whatever you want, but just cruizin on the edge, have you lost your mind? no, Chorus Rap: Baby get up and get dancin’ ready get up get your hands in and make trouble, zip ya lip no excuses the rhythm has got several uses shake yourself, break yourself if ya gotta be a diva than take yourself make yourself fake yourself bake yourself as long as you can find a way to wake yourself layin with me playin’ with me come on baby say it with me we could be havin’ the large and the lavish if we could just take it one step at a time then maybe we could try to Chorus
It’s alright, yeh I’m fine just another cut I’ll stitch it up with rhyme and in time when you’re not mine then it’ll lose it’s shine I’m alright, I’m okay if I shed a tear than that must mean I’m gay but who’s to say if it were that way that I could take the hate, believe me I’m winding up, you’re winding down but if I turn the wheel, yeah I’ll come around Chorus: And I take the time, you know I try to find the different ways; all the different ways to say the same thing, It’s the same thing we can’t find it’s all that we are working for. All that we are working for is love and our own way to get it might leave you if you let it hold it up don’t hold it down I can write, but I can’t fight unless you count the time that I had smacked a guy late at night, knocked out his lights for sayin’ Bungle bites. Got a car, well, it’s my dad’s at least until I finish up my undergrad no, it ain’t bad, I’m pretty glad for all the luck I’ve had, believe me I’m rippin’ down the path they’ve laid if you asked someone else, they’d say I’ve got it made Chorus Instrumental Verse Changed my mind, I’m not fine ‘till I have a hand to hold I’ll walk the line in a bind, it’s not a crime to mix your beer with wine Chorus - It’s all the same thing (repeat) All we need is...


Transition is the 6th studio album by Look Left. The production is tighter, the songs more adventurous, and the lyrics sharper than ever.

A lot has happened in the last year. Everyone graduated school. Everyone moved away from one another. Everyone got a job. The music keeps coming.


Special thanks to Andrew Cotts, Matthew Royek, and Derek Wilber for helping me to get this project started. You guys shaped some of the best years of my life and I couldn't be more thankful to you all. To Zed "Primal" Crowe for being the inspiration for some of the best music to come out of my big, dumb head. To every single person reading this. Thank you for giving me a chance.


released September 26, 2014

All music written, produced, recorded, and performed by Jared Clark
with the following exceptions.

Bass on Track 3 by Derek Wilber
Keyboard on Track 4 by Andrew Cotts
Track 5 written by Tim Bales
Bass on Track 6 by Matthew Royek
Strings on Track 10 by Nick Adams, Annie Ursu, Alex Price, and Nicole Gillotti

Box art and design by Eric Zawrotny (www.boxelderdesign.com)
Book art by Scurrow (www.furaffinity.net/user/scurrow AND donttouchmyjesterhat.tumblr.com)
Lighthouse art by Magen (aka @NightlineZ)

For more music and extra special things, go to www.lookleft.us
For comments, questions, or just to share your opinion email lookleftband@gmail.com


all rights reserved



Look Left Phoenix, Arizona

Look Left was formed in 2008 when Jared Clark (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar) decided he wanted to be a rock musician. He went out into the harrowing Northwestern Pennsylvania tundra, bought a microphone and started recording. He was joined by Derek Wilber (Bass), Andrew Cotts (Guitar/Backing Vocals), and Matt Royek (Cajon/Percussion/Oddjobs).

LATER after graduating the college, Jared continues alone.
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